TALOCTM:This purification medium is the base of all AllClear Water Purifying Systems for fish and can only be obtained - worldwide - from AllClear Water Purifiers. It is supplied in the yellow colour-coded cartridges.

Scientifically Accurate Performance Claims: All performance and comparative testing programmes were undertaken at a UK water company’s [1] NAMAS accredited laboratory. A selection of these test results are opened to public view, on laboratory headed paper, at AllClear show stands and public talks.

Biased testing programmes can be used as marketing tools to enhance media performance and effective life if:

(1) They are based on warm water which can enhance performance of some purification media - this particularly applies to activated carbons.

(2) They are based on free chlorine reduction only - add chloramine to the water and performance drops radically.

(3) They are based on small water measurements e.g. US gallons are smaller than UK gallons.

Great care was taken to ensure AllClear did not fall into any of these traps. Testing was undertaken on:

  • Cold, unheated tap water.

  • Test water contained high values of chloramine as well as free chlorine.

  • Water measurement was based on large UK gallons.

  • And most importantly: testing methods were based on how fish keepers would actually use purifying systems - practical implications were vital.

Physical Appearance: It is black in colour and in granular form. Physically it looks like granular activated carbons but there the similarity ends!

Chloramine & Free Chlorine Reduction: A wide range of activated carbons were tested. The list of carbons included various carbon blocks and numerous granular carbons including high grade medical carbon. For sheer fun of investigation even carbon taken from chlorine gas masks was included. TALOCTM outperformed all of them for the reduction of total chlorine which included high values of chloramine and free chlorine.

TALOCTM Total Chlorine Reduction Ratings are based on three separate things:

(1) High values of total chlorine in the influent water.

(2) Pick-up i.e. optimal flow rates to obtain required reduction performance.

(3) Effective life i.e. the amount of treatable water before the reduction performance drops to below acceptable reduction for fish protection.

Pesticide Reduction: To be fair to activated carbons, pesticide reduction performance matches that of high grade activated carbon products.

Dissolved Toxic Metal Reduction: Activated carbons do not reduce dissolved toxic metals per se. E.g. if an activated carbon takes up a metal such as zinc, expect the collected metal to be dumped back into the treated water at some stage to the disadvantage of the fish.

TALOCTM actually ‘locks in’ the dissolved metals it collects, it does not ‘dump’ i.e. it does not release previously collected metals back into the treated water.

Oxygen & The Nitrogen Cycle: Why is this linked to purifiers? Ammonia is in tap water. The nitrogen cycle is the breakdown of ammonia and it occurs in pond re-circulatory filters but unknown to the majority of fish keepers it also occurs within tap water supply pipes and in purifiers.

When water is left standing in activated carbons or passes through large activated carbon beds the activated carbon strips oxygen from water. This action interrupts the nitrogen cycle and there is much anecdotal evidence of the nitrogen cycle stopping at the formation of nitrite within granular carbon beds and activated carbon blocks. Nitrite is at least, if not more, harmful to fish than ammonia.

TALOCTM acts totally differently to activated carbons in that it adds oxygen to the water and therefore does not interrupt the nitrogen cycle. This is extremely important for fish.

Reduction of Other Substances: Among other things, TALOCTM will reduce colour from such things as dyes or peat stained water and improve the physical appearance of the water.

AllClear have not tested for and do not claim the reduction of such things as antibiotics, bromine, hormones, malachite green, organics and ozone nor do we have any intention of doing so for a very simple reason. As confirmed by the Drinking Water Inspectorate - these substances are not found in UK tap water.

AllClear do not use marketing strategies which could risk, unintentionally, misleading fish keepers about the requirements of tap water treatment for the protection of fish.

[1]NAMAS accredited laboratory testing was the original top laboratory accreditation in the UK for water testing. UKAS has now been added to UK accreditations. NAMAS and UKAS accreditations have equal status.
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