The base of all AllClear Water Purifiers

The 'yellow' coded cartridge - TALOCTM


Outstanding Performance - Your Fish Need It!

Provides Greater Fish Protection

Compare Performance to Activated Carbons

Reduction PerformanceTALOCTM Activated Carbons (Block and granular)
  • Total Chloramine
  • Excellent
  • Can be very poor *
  • Chloramine
  • Excellent
  • Can be very poor *
  • Dissolved toxic metals
  • Excellent - 'locks-in' heavy metals
  • Does not reduce dissolved metals - if it takes up a metal (e.g. zinc), it will then dump
  • Oxygen
  • Adds Oxygen to water
  • Strips Oxygen from water

* Visit the Library Section in our website and read the article: "Choosing a Purifier", Page 3.
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