Despite the name, purifiers do not make the water 'pure'. That's just as well as fish can't live in 'pure' water. What we aim to do at AllClear is to 'reduce' large amounts of substances that are harmful to fish, to far smaller amounts that are 'safe' for the fish.

(From left to right)

Red colour-coded cartridge. Yellow colour-coded cartridge. Green colour-coded cartridge. Blue colour-coded cartridge.
Pre-filter: traps 'particles' in the waterReduces chloramine, free chlorine, pesticides and 'moderate' amounts of dissolved toxic metals.Works in conjunction with the yellow-coded cartridge. Does not reduce dissolved metals, but it does 'polish' the water.For water which needs large amounts of dissolved toxic metals reduced.
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AllClear manufacture our own, unique yellow, green and
blue coded cartridges especially for fish protection.

Depending upon what's in your water supply you may need all four different colour-coded
cartridges or you may only need two or three of them. Different size purifiers are available.

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