Choosing a purifier for your water depends upon what's in the water.
'Purification Media' is a general name for all the different types of materials you can find inside purifiers, i.e. the 'stuff' that does the 'business'.

There is a huge range of purification media in the general filtration market. Some media are harmful to fish; some just don't do the 'right' things to water for fish; some don't do enough; some do too much.

To find out what AllClear media does to the water for your fish checkout 'Purifiers'. Or for more in-depth information on purification media, visit the 'Library'.

At AllClear, we are very aware that 'purification media' are
exhausted at different rates, it depends what is in your water.

Imagine someone selling you a gallon of petrol (gasoline). The salesman tells you that it doesn't matter whether you put a gallon of petrol in a sports car or a lawn mower, you will always get the same miles to the gallon. Oh yes? You and I weren't born yesterday - we know that's incorrect information!

The reality is the larger the engine, the more petrol it
will use to travel one mile.

There are over 2,500 different types of tapwater in the U.K alone. Then there are well-waters and thousands and thousands of other types of tapwaters around the world!

Some waters will guzzle up purification media faster than others, just like some engines guzzle up petrol faster than others.

No purification medium will treat exactly the same amount of water for all the different types of tap water. That is a fundamental law of water purification and it is why you need DWR Analysis.

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