People and fish are different!
Unlike fish, you and I do not live and breathe in water.
We can tolerate more of the 'stuff' found in water than fish can.

All AllClear Water Purifiers are designed with fish in mind - to change water designed for humans to drink into 'designer-water' for fish.

To give a crazy idea of the different waters we, and fish can tolerate, imagine the following:

After a hard day's gardening, you probably want to soak in a hot steaming bath and if you want to spoil yourself you add masses of bubble bath. Put a fish in that and you'd probably kill it (DO NOT DO IT!).

Pour yourself a nice glass of pond water to drink and you could risk a nasty stomach upset, or worse (DO NOT DO IT!).

O.K., these examples are pretty crazy but try and imagine the same sort of difference between the amounts of chlorine, copper and pesticides, and other stuff, we and fish can tolerate in water and you'll have got the general idea.
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