Ornamental fish such as tropicals, cold water, discus, marines, general pond fish and koi, all have their own unique water needs. This product group is designed to help change water designed for people into designer water for fish. AllClear Water Purifiers for fish have patent pending - worldwide rights reserved.

For a clearer picture of water purification for fish visit our site's section on 'The Basics' or our 'Library' section.

All AllClear purification media have been independently tested in the UK.

To help guide your choice from all our systems: Standard AllClear Water Purifiers for fish are compiled from an established cartridge range. One purifier has all of the colour-coded cartridges, some have a mix of colours and some just have two. To find what the cartridges do, click on each colour block. AllClear manufacture our own, unique, yellow, green and blue colour coded cartridges.
Aquarium Systems

Koi & Pond Systems


RED Pre-filter. To entrap sediment and iron particles in hard water areas. This protects fishgills and the purification medium(a) in the following cartridge(s).YELLOW - Reduces chloramine and free chlorine and pesticides. Standard ratings allow for the reduction of small amounts of dissolved toxic metals. Reduce the life of the cartridge to increase metals reduction. Do not rely on this cartridge for the reduction of large amounts of aluminium and total dissolved toxic metals.GREEN Works with the yellow cartridge to reduce chloramine and free chlorine. It does not reduce dissolved toxic metals, it adds a 'polish' to the treated water.BLUE Reduces dissolved toxic metals. Use for water that contains large qualtities of dissolved toxic metals or large quantities of dissolved copper and/or aluminium.

Sometimes fish health can give a reasonable guide as to the type of cartridge mix you are likely to need. For more information click here.

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