The purifiers consist of a pre-filter, ("there's nothing special about pre-filters, they act just like sieves with different size holes") and a varying number of axial and radial flow cartridges containing a variety of granular media. Some of the cartridge cases are industry standard, but others are produced to meet AllClear's specific requirements.

"AllClear manufactures its own unique yellow, green and blue colour-coded cartridges."

AllClear manufactures its own cartridges

As far as Ann and Richard are aware, AllClear purifiers are the only ones on the koi market that are pre-rated for the following: chloramine and free chlorine (the disinfectants in tap water), nominated amounts of dissolved metals, "and the huge pesticide group which includes insecticides, herbicides and algicides." Ann has been advised by patent agents that what they have is an invention.

The message AllClear is constantly trying to get across to the fish-keeping community at large, is that a given amount of media in a purifier will only hack so many substances in so much water before it becomes exhausted. It's scientific reality. "You can't put any old purifier on any old tap water and at any old speed. Neither will the same purifier always treat exactly the same amount of water whatever tap water you put through it."

Ann continued: "Fish management involves a cycle of events. If you have one or more of these events out of sync, you will get fish health problems. If you have blocked bottom drains - a really nasty breeding ground for bacteria - and you put in a tap water purifier, you won't solve the problem." "It's a case of looking at all the different areas of fish management. The problem might be a metals one, as it was with us and has been for quite a lot of other people. But it might be that not only does your tap water need adapting for fish, but that your biological filters could also be a bit more efficient. That means you've got two things to put right. We always advise people that they must look at fish management as a whole and not just assume that a tap water purifier will solve everything."

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