Note: To really know what needs to be done to your water for your fish
protection, you need to obtain water information & have it analysed.

For prevention rather than cure: Choose from the 'D' range of purifiers.

For slight/moderate fish health problems e.g., poor colours, lethargy, disinterested feeding, occasional parasitic invasion, tatty fins and occasional/frequent small wounds. Choose from the 'D' range but expect the effective life of the cartridges to be far shorter than the guide in the product lists.

For more severe fish health problems e.g., failure to wound heal, some ulceration, bacterial infections, fungal and frequent parasitic invasion, anaemia, failure of eggs to hatch &/or deformed fry, a few fish deaths. Lack of blanketweed (string algae) can indicate high values of zinc &/or copper in the water. Choose from the 'M' range.

For very severe fish health problems e.g., many fish ulcerated, quite a few fish deaths the 'M' (blue-coded) cartridge may need to be changed more frequently than the other cartridges in the set.

To ensure you make the right choice and know how much water a cartridge set should treat before exhaustion, refer to AllClear's website section on Water Analysis for free technical support.

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