Aquarium Systems

AllClear's aim is to reduce the 'fish harmful' substances in the tap water while encouraging you to use more natural methods for any further water treatment needed for specific fish. We prefer avoidance of reverse osmosis or other treatments, which over strip the water - fish don't live in that type of water naturally!

AllClear's aquaria systems are suitable for all types of aquarium fish. Where specific species have 'extra' special needs buffering may need to be undertaken on the 'treated' water. E.g. In a hard water area the water will need to be 'acidified' for breeding discus; marine salts will need to be added for marine tanks. AllClear purposely made the decision not to build ammonia, nitrate, nitrate or phosphate reduction into their systems as this can be done more cost effectively by using fast growing plants or a mix of bacteria and enzymes. The latter methods also have the added benefit of being fish 'safe' and 'friendly'.

If you have a large fish house, breeding system or numerous aquaria - visit the 'Koi & Pond' section for larger purifiers. For extra large systems visit the 'Bespoke' section.

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