AllClear offer a wide range of accessories to support the use of a purifier and to aid water management.
Spanners Two sizes, to fit slim and large vessels.Make cartridge changing easier!
Water Meters (Flow Meters) Plastic body, all non-leachable parts. Piston operated. Incorporating Reverse Flow Restrictor. Measurement values available - UK gallons or litres. Supplied as standard with " fitment to AllClear purifiers and " hosetail.
Flow Control Taps Choose the attachments you need: Inlet can be supplied with " hosetail or compression fit to 15mm copper. Outlet can be supplied with " hosetail, " male thread or attachment to fit direct to the AllClear water meter.
Float Valve For automatic top-up systems to be fitted to settlement chamber of bilogical filter for gravity fed chambers. All non-leachable parts. Integral non-return valve.Supplied with " hosetail inlet.
Reinforced Tubing " internal diameter.Fish safe - does not leach phenols.
Adaptable Clips To fit tubing with internal diameter of ".
Hosetails Threads: " & " male; " & " female. All to " hose "tails".
Plumbing Components A variety of plastic components available.
Water Treatments Bacta-Pur Products
Fish Keepers Test Kits Ammonia/Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Oxygen, Carbonate Hardness (KH) and General Hardness (GH).Tetra Laborett kits for aquarium use.
Air Pumps Secoh range - ask for further details.
Air Stones & Balls Various sizes and shapes. All ceramic.
Air Line Silicon. Plastic connectors available.
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